November/December 2017 Vintage Truck

NEW ISSUE - The November/December issue of Vintage Truck magazine will be available in subscriber mailboxes and on newsstands soon. Our cover story about a 1966 Chevrolet Suburban was written by Candace Brown, with photos by Al Rogers.

Each generation of humans hopes the next will carry on the family name with pride and respect, and the same is true of vehicles. None have done so better than the Chevrolet Suburban family. After 82 years and many generations of design changes, this clan continues to honor its great heritage. Our featured 1966 Chevrolet Suburban represents the final year of the 1960­–1966 generation. By the time this ’66 left the factory, the Suburban line had already existed for three decades and would go on to enjoy a longer production run than any other vehicle in automotive history.

It continues today.

This particular 6-passenger example, built on the Chevrolet Custom C-10 platform, belongs to a collection of approximately 425 pre-1990 vehicles owned by the Eagles Mere Auto Museum in North Central Pennsylvania. The collection includes more than 75 cars and trucks from the 1950s and 1960s. Although popular with visitors, this Suburban is not always in view. Even with the museum’s two levels of floor space, the size of the collection prohibits having every piece on display at once.

November/December 2017  Vintage Truck Cover

November/December 2017 Vintage Truck Cover

To read more about the 1966 Chevrolet Suburban, pick up a copy of the November/December issue of Vintage Truck magazine! 

Other articles in this issue include: 

  • Here We Grow Again! - The 16th Annual Vintage Truck Magazine Vintage Truck Show sets another record for attendance. (by Staff, photos by Brad and Heather Bowling)
  • Racy and Rare - 1971 Hurst Jeepster Special (by Patrick Foster)
  • Vacation Hauler - This 1966 Suburban recalls many holiday roads. (by Candace Brown, photos by Al Rogers)
  • Still the Champ - This 1963 Studebaker has been in Wes Grube’s family for 47 years! (by Bob Tomaine)
  • Best of the Car-Truck Combos? - We make an argument for Jon Kocara’s 1970 Ford Ranchero Squire. (by Bill Holder, photos by Phil Kunz)
  • Tech Tips: How to "Steal" an Old Truck (Ted Kalvitis, photos by Emily Erekaife)
  • Granny Gear: Some Like It Hot! (Ted Kalvitis)
  • Triple Diamond Treatise: Internationals Help ATHS Set a Guinness World Record (B. Mitchell Carlson)
  • Delivery Designs: Plucked from Obscurity (Pete Costisick)

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