March/April 2018 Vintage Truck

The March/April issue of Vintage Truck magazine will be available in subscriber mailboxes and on newsstands soon. Our cover story about a 1957 International S-120 4X4 panel truck was written by B. Mitchell Carlson, with photos by Brad Bowling.

After World War II, our former Soviet Union allies soon became Cold War nemeses, especially by the time they detonated their first atomic weapon in 1949. All-out nuclear war was now a real possibility, and being able to recover after an attack became a major concern throughout the United States. By the mid-1950s, it was becoming obvious that communities large and small were not equipped for the aftermath of a nuclear attack—or even major natural disasters.

While fire departments were generally well trained and equipped for smaller catastrophes, a large-scale disaster (especially man-made) was another matter. To assist municipalities, the federal government’s Office of Civil Defense (OCD) coordinated with them to supply needed materials, especially rescue vehicles.

Civil Defense units had an appetite for trucks of all sizes, especially for the rescue units. During the feast-or-famine funding waves that Civil Defense had in the 1950s and 1960s, when monies were allocated for trucks, they went all-out on task-specific vehicles. In leaner years, their alignment with the Dept. of Defense meant that ex-military trucks of all stripes were handed down to local units.

March/April 2018  Vintage Truck Cover

March/April 2018 Vintage Truck Cover

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Other articles in this issue include: 

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  • Configured for Catastrophe - This 1957 International S-120 4X4 panel was spec-built for U.S. Civil Defense Agencies (by B. Mitchell Carlson, photos by Brad Bowling)
  • Studebaker’s Battle Trucks - The US6 helped Russia fight its Great Patriotic War and build a highway to Alaska! (by Bill Siuru)
  • Canadian Explorer - Frank Lockwood’s first-year F-150 is a beautiful example of Ford’s “heavy-duty half-ton” concept! (by Candace Brown)
  • Chevy Talk: 1966 Chevrolet Panel Truck (Rob Butterfield)
  • Dodge Garage: 1950 Dodge Half-ton (Alan Easley)
  • Delivery Designs: White Motor Co in the 1930s (Pete Costisick)
  • For Ford Fans: 1960 Ford F-250 4X4 (Paul Eiden)
  • Tech Tips: I-Beam Hygiene (Ted Kalvitis, photos by Emily Erekaife)
  • Granny Gear: Cabin Fever (Ted Kalvitis)

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